Required Reading For Recruiters – Recruiting 3.0 & 4.0 Explained

As a way to keep up with best practices and what’s new/next in the HR & Recruiting worlds, I read a ton of articles, blogs and tweets to try to keep up. And as a student of the game, I enjoy much of the content. I’m informed by a majority of it, challenged by some of it and inspired by a bit of it.

Today, I wanted to point you to a couple of articles that hit on all three of those categories for me. Some really awesome stuff written and posted on the recruiter resource and community – – from Matthew Jeffery – Head of EMEA Talent Acquisition & Global Talent Brand at Autodesk.

The first article written a couple of months ago – “A Vision for the Future of Recruitment: Recruitment 3.0″ – should be required reading for all recruiters and includes much of the content and ideas that Matthew shared in his fantastic opening keynote at the 2011 Spring ERE Expo. (Check out the video of Matthew’s presentation – which is well worth watching and thanks ERE for making it available!)

Today on is a follow-up article from Matthew Jeffery titled “Recruitment 4.0: Crowdsourcing, Gamification, Recruitment as a Profit Center… and the Death of Recruitment Agencies!”.

In this post, Matthew nicely sums up the evolution of recruiting and shares his predictions for the future of Recruiting (4.0). Here’s an excerpt:

Recruitment 1.0 encompasses traditional recruiting over a huge timeline, including good old-fashioned fax machines, print advertising, (post, spray ,and pray), and Rolodexes moving into traditional ATSs. Recruiters more focused on processes than end results. The basic any-bum-on-any-seat philosophy.

Recruitment 2.0 saw the move onto online and using technology for recruitment purposes, including the advent of online job boards & online CV searches. While the technology moved forward, the traditional methodology of 1.0 was prevalent, including online post, spray, and pray candidate attraction (aka the recruitment lottery of let’s hope the right-ish person looks at the online advertisement, at the right time and feels willing to go to the effort to apply).

Both Recruitment 1.0 and 2.0 were/are fundamentally focused on the active job seekers, (applying to vacancies, on agency books, and those watching job boards like a possessed predator).

Recruitment 3.0 is a huge leap as it moves recruitment out of its comfort zone. The beating heart of 3.0 is the non-active/passive individual and a focus on “best talent” and building predictable talent pipelines. In addition, the philosophy of “everyone is a potential candidate so engage them” is central. 3.0 takes us into building engaged, two-way, free-conversation based, transparent communities. This is anchored by things like employment branding, marketing, and PR. 3.0 is not only concerned with building communities but mapping key competitors and seducing cream-of-the-crop talent with your brand and in-house opportunities.

So what exactly is Recruitment 4.0? Grab a cup of coffee (or a Diet Coke) and a snack and take a few minutes to read the rest of the article. It’s meaty stuff to chew on.

Regardless of the size of your company, to stay ahead of the game and compete for talent in the “new normal”, you’ve got to be thinking about how to evolve your recruiting practices. The information contained in these two articles by Matthew Jeffery would be great to utilize as a discussion starter with your recruiting team or CEO and as you’re thinking about goals, objectives and making plans for 2012 and beyond.

What do you think about some of the ideas presented? Are we really ready for Recruiting to become a profit center and to include games in our recruiting processes? Will job boards meet their (constantly predicted) demise? Will recruiting agencies no longer be necessary?

I’d love to know what you think.

Making Social Media Work in Recruiting – FREE Webinar 3/30/11

March appears to be the month of the FREE webinar here at Unbridled Talent and I’d like to make you aware of another opportunity to listen in!

The March 30th webinar  – Making Social Media Work in Recruiting – is sponsored by Recruiting Trends® and is part of their Best Practice Webinar Series 2011.

I’m excited to be a co-presenter along with the lovely and talented Carmen Hudson – Engagement Manager, Sourcing & Social Media Strategy at Recruiting Toolbox and CEO/Founder of Carmen is someone that I have learned from and admired through her experiences in Recruiting and Sourcing at Yahoo!, Starbucks and now Recruiting Toolbox and she has also been an inspiration to me as a female entrepreneur – founding tweetajob in 2009.

There should be plenty of time for Q&A as part of this webinar, so please join us, ask a question and contribute to the conversation! Webinar details and Carmen’s bio from the Recruiting Trends® website are listed below.

Join us on Wednesday, March 30 1 PM – 2 PM EDT for this insightful webinar

Register Now – at no charge to you!

As a recruiter, you’re all about finding the right person for the right job at the right time and the quality of your talent pipeline is what makes you successful!

You depend on access to several mediums to find the best candidates, and for many this includes social media.

But how do you decide which of the many social media platforms and sites are right for you and your organization? And how do you stay current?

Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube to name a few are all great resources for sourcing and recruiting. Each platform has its own unique demographic and you’ll want to consider each audience when making the decision as to which application(s) will give you the best results in your sourcing and recruiting efforts.

Join Carmen Hudson Engagement Manager, Sourcing and Social Media Strategy at Recruiting Toolbox and Jennifer McClure President of Unbridled Talent as they share with you some of the most common considerations and elements when using social media to recruit top talent.

During this 60 min event they will address:

  • How to Create an Online Presence – Reflecting Who You Are
  • How to Make the Most of Your ‘Social’ Time
  • Why it is important to Individualize Your Approach
  • The importance of staying Authentic
  • And much more

You will receive expert advice on proven success and failures using today’s Social Media platforms!

Register now to listen to this insightful fast-paced webinar, yours to enjoy at no cost.


Carmen Hudson, Engagement Manager – Sourcing and Social Media Strategy

Carmen Hudson draws from over 15 years of recruiting experience, with a strong focus on helping organizations attract, source and recruit top talent. Carmen’s expertise is in helping clients build the right sourcing and recruiting strategies, and then implementing them in the real world of limited budgets, competing priorities, and highly competitive recruiting environments. She consults and trains companies to help them leverage high ROI solutions for big sourcing, social media, and technology implementation initiatives.

Carmen is a self-described “recruiting geek” who has spent years learning, creating, and sharing best practices around sourcing. She gets that technology – for all of its hype – is still a means to an end, not an end in itself. Her corporate experience includes Yahoo!, where she was Senior Manager, Talent Acquisition. At Yahoo! she led the strategic sourcing team, revitalizing the employee referral program and Yahoo’s employer brand. The team was awarded a coveted Yahoo! Superstar Award, an ERE Excellence award and various recruiting and advertising industry awards. Prior to joining Yahoo!, she was manager, Global Strategic Sourcing for Starbucks Coffee Corporation, where she developed sourcing strategies and recommended resources and tactics to support U.S. retail management hiring. She has also held senior talent acquisition roles at Microsoft, and Capital One and founded a social recruiting technology company.

Carmen is a regular contributor to recruiting industry publications, including ERE Exchange and Recruiting Trends. She is a frequent speaker at recruiting events, including the Social Recruiting Summit, Kennedy Online Recruiting Conference and the Seattle Staffing Management Association.  Carmen earned a degree in journalism from Northwestern University.

Carmen Hudson on LinkedIn
Carmen on Twitter: @peopleshark

Carnival of HR – Online Degree Edition

I’m so excited! It’s time for me to host the famous Carnival of HR for the first time!

It’s also the midpoint of summer here in the US, meaning it’s almost time for the kiddos to head back to school (which according to Staples – and many parents – is the most wonderful time of the year), so I’ve got class schedules and degree programs on my brain as the parent of an incoming freshman at THE Ohio State University. (Go Buckeyes!)

In the spirit of education, I thought I’d whip up a quick online degree program for HR Pros, Recruiting Rockstars and Talent Management Geeks everywhere by organizing the great Carnival of HR submissions I received into an educational opportunity and featuring some great bloggers Teachers just for you!

So grab your assigned seat, take out your pen and paper, bring some chocolate an apple for your Host and check out all of the posts! I’m confident you’ll find some great new blogs and bloggers you’ve not yet discovered and you’ll also be a wiser and more educated professional for having done so.


Corporate Culture

Leadership Belief and Building ‘People-Centric’ Culture – Professor Tanmay Vora of QAspire Blog.

Class Summary: The Leader’s choice to treat people as “humans” or as “resources” and how that can affect an organization’s culture.

The Perfect Corporate Culture Doesn’t Exist – Professor Jennifer V. Miller from The People Equation.

Class Summary: Explore how even the best of corporate cultures aren’t perfect.

Diversity & Inclusion

Inclusion Measurement – Tracking the Intangible – Professor Erik Samdahl of The Productivity Blog.

Class Summary: Learn some indirect measurements for gauging inclusion success in an organization.

The Act of Including – Professor Joe Gerstandt of Our Time to Act.

Class Summary: The not so fine line between being unintentionally exclusive versus being deliberate, intentional and proactive about being inclusive.

Employee Benefits

Survey Says: Employees Don’t Want Their Benefit Information Tweeted – Professor Lexi Ruben from the Precept Employee Benefits Blog.

Class Summary: To tweet or not to tweet benefits information? That is the question.

Employee Relations

Anniversaries Matter. Jobs Matter More. – Professor Kari Quaas of the Seasonal Human Resources Blog.

Class Summary: Don’t be schmucks.

Rehire Fired Employee? – Professor Susan M. Heathfield from the Human Resources Blog on

Class Summary: How following the recommended steps for firing an employee might influence that decision.

Why Do Companies Punish Whistleblowers? – Professor Suzanne Lucas from the Personal Success Blog on BNET.

Class Summary: Establishing a process for reporting and investigating problems within your company to keep communication lines open.

Global Human Resources

Future Imperative – Professor The HRD of My Hell is Other People.

Class Summary: Discuss the seismic changes taking place and globalization of work – and whether or not organizations are prepared.

Salary Inflation II – Professor Frank Mulligan of the Talent in China blog.

Class Summary: Explore the effects and consequences that recent increases in wages in China are having on the nation’s & region’s economy.

Upside of a Global Organization – Professor Amy Wilson from the TalentedApps team.

Class Summary: Learn about some of the challenges and tremendous leverage of working in global teams.

HR Technology

Top Three Challenges of Implementing an HR Automation Software – Professor Gireesh Sharma of the Grasp e-Marketing blog.

Class Summary: Review the top 3 challenges during the software implementation cycle based upon Gireesh’s experience.


Make Sure You “Hug” Your Top Performers During Times of Change – Professor Dan McCarthy from Great Leadership.

Class Summary: The importance of not taking top performers for granted and making sure they know they’re valued.

Responsibility and Leadership – Professor Wally Bock of Three Star Leadership Blog.

Class Summary: When Dwight Eisenhower gave the order to launch the D-Day invastion, he faced the real possibility that things could go wrong. But he was willing to take the responsibility.

Stop Trying to Make Others Happy – Professor Mary Jo Asmus of Aspire Collaborative Services.

Class Summary: Personalizing rewards and recognition to motivate employees.

Legal & Compliance

Dear Evil Skippy: The FMLA Expands Family Trees – Professor Jim of Evil Skippy at Work.

Class Summary: FMLA definitions, communication and navigation. (Note: This required class is sure to be a riot. Good times.)

What You Need to Know About Floating Holidays – Professor Kim Urban of Kim’s HR Potpourri blog.

Class Summary: The intricacies of handling Floating Holidays in the state of California.

Organizational Psychology

Trains and Perception – Professor Steve Boese of Steve’s HR Technology blog.

Class Summary: What we call programs and activities in our organizations can influence the perception of their importance as well as the approach and enthusiasm of the people involved.

$5000 or a Stranger’s Happiness? - Professor Drew Tarvin of Humor That Works.

Class Summary: Learn how surrounding yourself with happy (or unhappy) people impacts you.

Performance Management

Performance Management is a TOOL and not a CHORE – Professor Cathy Missildine-Martin of Profitability Through Human Capital blog.

Class Summary: Decide whether Performance Appraisals should be 1 question, 3 questions or 435…


In Defense of Recruiters – Professor Bill Boorman of Norton Folgate: The Recruiting Unblog.

Class Summary: 5 ways to fix the process and build better relationships between Recruiters and HR departments.

The Need for Speed – Professor Mervyn Dinnen of T Recs.

Class Summary: Debate whether finding the “best” candidate for clients is hindered by expectations of speedy submissions.

Social Media for HR/Recruiting

Developing a Social Recruiting Strategy: From Bigot to Believer – Professor R.J. Morris substitute teaching for yours truly right here on the Unbridled Talent blog (good stuff in case you missed it).

Class Summary: Case study of one man and one company’s approach to developing a social recruiting strategy.

How to Get Started in Social Media with Mike Vandervort – led by Professor Ben Eubanks of UpStartHR.

Class Summary: Learn how HR practitioner Mike Vandervort is using social media to create a competitive advantage for his employer.

We’re Social Media Hippies Who Live in Mamby-Pamby Land. I can dig that. – Professor Kevin W. Grossman of HR Marketer Blog.

Class Summary: Explore the risks and the values of using social media in the workplace – while saying cool words like Mamby-Pamby.

Talent Management

If Lebron Went Corporate: A Cautionary Tale – Professor Aaron Ziff from the Respectful Workplace Blog. Class Summary: Talent management lessons from the real-world case study featuring basketball hero or zero (you decide) Lebron James.

Talent Management Best Practices for a Post-Recession World – Professor Lois Melbourne of Aquire.

Class Summary: Talent strategies to keep your top talent as the economy improves and employees have more choices.

There Is No “I” in “Team”. But There Is a “Me”. – Professor Benjamin McCall of ReThink HR.

Class Summary: Talent Management and succession planning lessons from the world of sports.

Tour de France’s Lessons for Human Resources and Management – Professor Michael D. Haberman from HR Observations.

Class Summary: Review some lessons from the Tour de France related to talent, teams and planning that are important for businesses today.

Talent Selection

How to Hire People Who Understand the Values of Your Organization – Professor Amit Bhagria of Young HR Manager.

Class Summary: Review a case study and examples of how to shift the focus of your interview process to asking questions that reveal a candidate’s self beliefs and value system.

Low Performers Are Laid Off First – Professor Chris Young of the Maximize Possibility Blog.

Class Summary: The importance of pre-employment assessment validity.

Winning the War on Talent – Professor Mark Stelzner of Inflexion Advisors.

Class Summary: Review a case study that could change sourcing, screening and assessment processes to ensure hiring candidates that match an organization’s culture.

Workforce Development/Career Management

Making Employees Career Competent – Professor Lance Haun of

Class Summary: HR’s role in helping today’s workforce develop new skills to improve employability.

New Generation – Professor Laura Schroeder of Working Girl blog.

Class Summary: Debate whether the new generation is owed an express ticket to executive management because they’re willing to work hard and have black belts in social media – or not.

Extra Credit/Self-Study

Ten Minutes with Vinnie Mirchandani – Industry Expert – brought to you by The Devon Group.

Class Summary: Hear from the author of the book “The New Polymath: Profiles in Compound-Technology Innovations”.

Top Summer Reading for Business Leaders – compiled by Professor Trish McFarlane, the HR Ringleader.

Class Summary: What thought leaders in HR, recruiting and academia are reading this summer.


Whew! Well there you have it folks. A crash course in all things HR, Recruiting and Talent Management.

If you read all of the posts and passed the exams, give yourself a pat on the back. You just graduated from the Carnival of HR Online Degree Program! Now be sure to leave a comment on this post so I’ll know how many seats we’ll need at the graduation party…

Thanks to all who submitted great posts for the Carnival of HR! Next up, the August 4th Carnival will be hosted by Drew Tarvin at Humor That Works. Be sure to check it out!

Time For a Cool Change

Image Credit 1.00 FTE - Impressions of Corporate Life

Several years ago, back when I was working “in the trenches” as an HR Manager in an organization experiencing an insane amount of growth, I often partnered with an outside consulting firm to assist us with various recruiting, leadership development and training initiatives.

Once, during a training session led by the firm’s owner – a wise and engaging gentleman with almost 40 years of combined experience in the corporate and consulting worlds – I remember thinking:

“He’s got the best job in the world. Some day, I want to run my own business too.”

And at that moment, an entrepreneur was born. [cue heavenly music]

But I still had so much to learn…

Fast forward several more years (and no, not over 40 for those of you doing mental math) through a career in Human Resources leadership roles, a second career as an Executive Recruiter and Executive Coach and a third as a professional speaker and trainer – it’s finally time to take that step.

Ladies and gentlemen… Please allow me to introduce my new company – Unbridled Talent, LLC!

Want to learn more about Unbridled Talent?

Below is a short interview (click here if you can’t see the video) I did recently after speaking at the Louisville, KY SHRM Chapter’s monthly luncheon and also leading an afternoon workshop on Using Social Media in HR & Recruiting. In the video, I share a little about my background, a smidge about Unbridled Talent and a bit of my theory on why HR and Recruiting pros need to use social media – all in under 3 minutes!

I’m excited to be able to create a role and a business where I can combine my experiences in Human Resources, Recruiting, Coaching, Leadership, Speaking and Training into one title – President of Unbridled Talent, LLC. It’s the right time for me personally and I also believe it’s a perfect time to work with companies and business leaders to develop and execute Innovative People Strategies!

So here’s a few updates and changes I’d like to share with you:

  • This blog has moved! With the help and patience of the fab Lance Haun, I’ve made the change from TypePad to WordPress, and the name of the blog and site address have also changed to Unbridled Talent and If you’re a subscriber via email or RSS (and if you’re not, I’d love for you to subscribe for automatic updates here or here), then nothing should have changed for you. The feeds still deliver – and during the changeover delivered multiple times. (oops.)
  • There’s a new website and logo – and new business cards that arrived this week! The website is up and running, but will be evolving. I’m a big believer in getting the right expertise involved to create amazing things, so Elaine Suess at beyondbeing llc (who also developed the new logo) will be working with me to make sure that the messaging, benefits of working with us and service offerings are crisp and on point.
  • We’re on Facebook! My goal is to provide unique and personal content on Unbridled Talent’s Facebook Page as well as resources related to Attracting, Recruiting, Developing and Engaging Talent. Trust me, it won’t be just a feed of posts from this blog. There will be pictures, videos and “behind the scenes” content that you won’t see elsewhere. I’d love it if you’d “Like” it!
  • We’re on Twitter! You can still find me on Twitter at @cincyrecruiter and I’ll still be as lovable or annoying (you decide) there as ever. My Twitter strategy has always been to share resources, learn, connect with people, connect people to other people and to be myself – so that won’t change. By following @UnbridledTalent, you’ll get even more resources and information – not duplicate posts of stuff you’ll see if you’re following me elsewhere. It’s my goal to be a valuable source of information in the areas of Talent Attraction, Innovative Recruiting & Sourcing Strategies and People Development – not just noise.
  • My LinkedIn Profile has been updated (if we’re not connected – connect with me!) to reflect my new role, new company and my continued partnership with the fine people at Centennial, Inc. Centennial’s clients often use them as a resource and for assistance with Talent Strategy issues and many of my clients and relationships need Executive Search and Career Coaching Services, so we believe a continued partnership is mutually beneficial. I’m very grateful to the team at Centennial for being extremely helpful and supportive of me in taking this step and I’m excited that we’ll be continuing to work together in the future!

Where We Go From Here

I had much to learn back when I first made the decision to start my own business some day — and thankfully, I still do. I thoroughly enjoy being a student learning from others within the industry and then sharing what I’ve learned with my clients and relationships.

I hope that you’ll join me on this next phase of my journey. Because now, the person who has the best job in the world is… ME!



Stay tuned here on Unbridled Talent, “Like” the Facebook Page and follow us on Twitter to catch my coverage this week of the SHRM 2010 Annual Conference in San Diego June 26 – June 30th. I’ll be there as a member of the Social Media Street Team / #monsterlive blitz. We’ll be sharing highlights and what’s happening so you can be there – if you couldn’t “be there”.

It’s possible that you may even see more than one post a day on the blog during this next week. Don’t faint. And please don’t unsubscribe. :)

If Google Says I’m the Best Recruiter in the World… It Must Be True

You may have heard this phrase before:

“It’s not who you know… but who knows you – and what they say about you.”

I believe that statement is very true, but since we live in an increasingly online world, maybe it should be modified to:

“It’s not who you know, or what they say about you… it’s what Google says about you.”

Case in point – a short email I received last week:

Email shot

Wondering if Curt was on to something, I Googled the phrase “best recruiter in the world” and here’s what I found:

Google shot

The first two unpaid hits out of over 2,200 results came from a tongue-in-cheek post on this blog from July 2009:

Best Recruiter shot

I’m no SEO expert, but I did choose the title intentionally back then, assuming that it’s possible people (ideally client companies) sometimes go to Google and start with that phrase when looking for a Recruiter. A long shot I know. But nothing ventured, nothing gained right? As someone responsible for developing my own business, I try to use every option available to me.

Looks like my title strategery worked a little better than I expected – or at least it worked well enough to give me a laugh. And Curt got a nice response for being a little more creative than the too often used – “I see you’re a Recruiter. Can you help me find a job?”

This cheeky little example was a good reminder for me of how important it is to be mindful of what I put out there on the interwebs. Like it or not, your credibility (and mine) is being judged every day by people searching Google (and other search engines) who are finding your blog posts, tweets, LinkedIn profile, etc.

Thankfully, Google got it right this time.

Let’s be careful out there…

2 Secrets of Successful “Social Recruiting” Explained

Every day, somewhere out there in our universe, many Recruiters are losing their way in regards to using social networks such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook for recruiting purposes. I see the complaints (often ironically aired via Twitter) that <insert favorite social network name> simply doesn't work for recruiting and is only a waste of time. These rants are typically followed by statements extolling the virtues of the telephone – and how "real" Recruiters know how to magically work this ancient device. And I sigh.


And I continue to think that they're not willing to evolve and learn how to use these tools successfully. 


Recently, I came across two great examples that explain how I believe Recruiters should approach social networks for recruiting purposes. The first is from Amber Naslund, who writes the consistently informative Altitude Branding blog. In her post – How I Made $100k With Twitter – Amber shares 8 steps she took to make money using Twitter to build relationships and market her services. Be sure to check out the full post here.

In the excerpt below, I've taken the liberty of inserting recruiting-related terms to illustrate how I think the method Amber outlined is exactly the way to approach using Twitter (and other social networks) for recruiting.

The magic in making money <recruiting> with social media isn’t that the site or
social network becomes a revenue center <candidate database> itself. I didn’t sell stuff <"recruit"> on
Twitter. I gave people access to me and my expertise, and paid
attention to when the time might be right to talk business
<about opportunities at my company>.

That’s the trick here, folks. Social media is rarely the cash
register <candidate Fairy>. It’s communication tools that help form the foundation for
healthy business relationships that might eventually lead to sales
<successful placements> elsewhere. Whether you’re B2B or B2C.

Twitter was just the handshake that got the conversation started. It
required an investment of time and effort for me to spend time there
and converse
without the intent to sell something <recruit anyone>, and lay
the groundwork for trust and relationships. Much like having lunch or
going to networking events. I spent time getting to know the people
that might eventually be the decision maker for a project that I could
be hired for <the potential clients or perfect candidates for positions I'm recruiting for>. And when they needed something like what I did, they
often thought of me.

It’s that simple, and yet that complex.

Nailed it. To me, that's one of the simplest and best explanations that I've seen regarding how relationships are developed, business connections are made and successful recruiting is done via social media.


Second, Andy Headworth of one of my favorite recruiting blogs – Sirona Says – interviewed Super Sourcer/Recruiting Trainer/Social Media Whiz Kid Jim Stroud at the recent TruLondon Unconference asking – "Where will social media recruitment be in 2 years?" Jim didn't disappoint, giving an interesting and insightful answer. (Email subscribers will need to click through to the blog to view the video)

Hint: It's not about being able to find more people folks.


I think we've got to get more people thinking differently about how to use social networks for recruiting purposes. It's more about relationships and branding and less about having a large network or being able to find names.

What do you think? Do you think investing the time to build relationships and to establish a "personal brand" on social networks is required to successfully recruit? Or is the "old way" still the best way?

The Best Lists? The Ones You Make! (Top 25 Most Influential Online Recruiters)

Top25-hr-digital-recruiters-logo Today, John Sumser and the good folks over at HR Examiner have unveiled their latest list of Online Influencers – the Top 25 Most Influential Online Recruiters – and apparently somebody left the back door open, because yours truly somehow managed to sneak in!

<insert massively awkward happy dance>

Hey I know it’s just another list, and there are always more people left off of any list that should be on it than there are actually on it (and I can think of several folks I would say are missing from this one) – but like any awards show nominee will tell you, it’s still nice to be included.

The HR Examiner uses an online reputation discovery tool – Traackr – to measure reach, relevance and resonance in the online world in an effort to keep their lists objective and this one follows the announcement of the Top 25 HR Digital Influencers 2009 released this past December.

I’m honored to be included on any list along with the likes of Sumser, Steckerl and Sullivan – widely recognized recruiting thought leaders and influencers that I’ve followed and learned from for many years.

Thank you very much HR Examiner and a huge congratulations to everyone that is mentioned!

11.12.09 HR Happy Hour Blog Talk Radio Show Featuring the Fistful of Talent Crew

If you haven’t been paying attention lately, there’s a lot of cool people doing some new and innovative things in the HR/Recruiting/Talent Management space and one of those things is a BlogTalk Radio show hosted by Steve Boese and Shauna Moerke (the HR Minion) called HR Happy Hour.

081e2042-cfa8-455c-bdf6-4832ba4b40e9hr_happy_hour Started as an opportunity for HR pros to chat, vent and discuss the burning issues of the day,the HR Happy Hour has turned into a “must attend” event bi-monthly (sort of) on Thursday evenings at 8 p.m. EST. I’ve been a guest previously on Episode 10 – The Job Seeker’s Show and was also fortunate to be in attendance when the show went on the road recently for two live broadcasts – Episode 17 for the Fail Spectacularly party in Chicago (put on by Laurie Ruettimann of Punk Rock HR and Jason Seiden – who’s new book Super Staying Power launched this week) and Episode 18 at HRevolution in Louisville, Kentucky this past weekend.

Next up – Episode 19, where the Fistful of Talent crew will tackle Next Gen HR – sharing our thoughts and opinions on the future of Talent and HR in general. As someone who has plenty of opinions, I’ll definitely be calling in – and we’ll see if I catch any grief for being lame and not posting often enough over at FOT. (I solemnly vow to improve – I promise!)

If you’re available Thursday night, you should definitely call in or listen to the show live (or the archive at a later date/time) via the BlogTalk Radio channel. You can also lurk or participate in the smack talk on Twitter via the hash tag #HRHappyHour – (follow that here.) Another way to participate if you’re truly snarky (and have been deemed cool enough by the Google gods to receive an invite) is the irreverent HR Happy Hour back channel discussion that goes on over at Google Wave. On the Wave and want to jump in? Leave a comment with your Wave address and I’ll add you to the discussion.

With all of this talking, tweeting and waving going on, clearly, you’ll want to be a part of HR Happy Hour Thursday night. See you there/here!

Using Social Media In HR & Recruiting

As mentioned in a previous post, I was fortunate to be able to attend the SummitUp Social Media Confab in Dayton, OH this week and also to lead a Breakout session on Using Social Media In HR & Recruiting. The Confab (conference) was awesome, and I'll share some more information with my takeaways from the event in a separate post. I also thought I'd share a copy of my presentation here, as it's been well received on since posted during the conference. (Email subscribers – click through to the blog to view the presentation.)

A brief takeaway document was also provided with some resources for those who'd like to do some additional research. The resources are listed on the last slide of presentation as well as below – including links.

SummitUp – Using Social Media in HR & Recruiting Resources

Companies using Social Media well to watch & learn from:

Who Should Recruiters Follow on Twitter? 100+ Suggestions

Getting Your HR Friends on Twitter? Start Here

Companies Recruiting on Twitter

Jennifer McClure’s Social Media Policy tags on Delicious – updates each time I tag a blog post or news article with the tag "socialmediapolicy"

Online Database of Social Media Policies

Air Force Blog Assessment Policy (Good Communication/Response Guide)

Bonus: Here are links to the Twitterable Twitter Policy, Two-Word Corporate Blogging Policy and The HR Capitalist Social Media Policy included in the presentation, which are found on the awesome blogs Gruntled Employees and The HR Capitalist. (Hope you're a subscriber!)

I'll be doing a couple of similar presentations on this topic in the near future. If you have additional questions, resources, comments or suggestions to add, I'd love for you to share them in the Comments section below!

Who Should Recruiters Follow On Twitter? 100+ Suggestions

Twitter bird icon One of the most popular posts on this blog continues to be 10 People All Recruiters Should Follow on Twitter – and two of the top ten search phrases that land people here are "Twitter for Recruiters" and "Recruiters to follow on Twitter". Hopefully, when they arrive here, they're finding helpful content on using Twitter for Sourcing/Recruiting and thanks to a heads up from HR Technology Blogger Steve Boese recently about a new Twitter app (TweepML), I'd like to share a suggested "Recruiter Twitter Starter Pack" of 100 Recruiters/HR/Talent Management professionals that I recommend following on Twitter.

One of the coolest things about TweepML lists is that you can click on one button to automatically follow everyone on the suggested list or view the profiles and select just a few. Users can create lists of up to 100 suggested Follows, so while my list doesn't include everyone in the industry that I follow or learn from, I tried to create a good mix that would be helpful for a Recruiter/HR pro new to Twitter or someone building a network of Talent Management professionals. 

So without further ado, click on the icon below to access my suggested Recruiter Twitter Starter Pack:

Bonus #1: Steve shared two lists of his suggested Follows for HR and Recruiting Peeps (that's 200 people on Twitter) on his blog – Steve Boese's HR Technology – and I'd suggest that you go here and follow his suggestions as well. There's definitely some overlap in our lists, but that just confirms that great minds think alike.

Bonus #2: Follow @badbanana. Nothing to do with recruiting or HR, but a seriously funny dude who makes me laugh every day. And I deal with people here in Cincy Recruiter's World, which means some days I desperately need a laugh!

If you've been a late adopter or a Twitter-Hater, hopefully you're starting to thaw – or at least develop a slight interest in figuring out how to use this increasingly popular tool in your sourcing and recruiting efforts. (If not, you can always bookmark this post and come back to it later when you reach that point… like tomorrow, or maybe next week.)

Who'd I miss on my Recruiter/Talent Management suggestions? Add yourself or your suggestions in the Comments so people can find you here!