10 Presentations – Using Social Media in HR & Recruiting

I utilize several resources to keep on top of what’s new and who’s saying what in the worlds of recruiting, social recruiting and human resources – and one of my favorite resources is Slideshare.net. (You can follow me on Slideshare.net HERE to see presentations I’ve uploaded as well as my favorites, etc.)

Lately, there have been several informative and helpful presentations uploaded related to using social media in HR and using social media for recruiting. Below are 10 of my favorites:

(1) SHRM Survey Findings: Social Media in the Workplace

(uploaded by SHRM – November 2011)

(2) Social Changes Everything

(uploaded by Intuit Careers – presenter Gail Houston – November 2011)

Social Changes Everything

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(3) Innovative Recruiting Tips for 2012 from ERE’s 2011 Recruiting Innovation Summit

(video presentation uploaded by Dice.com – November 2011)

(4) HR 2.0: Social Media Strategy for Recruitment & Talent Management

(uploaded by Sidneyeve Matrix – November 2011)

Socializing Human Resources

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(5) Innovative Recruiting Within a Conservative Corporate Environment

(uploaded by Jenny DeVaughn – October 2011)

(6) CareerBuilder: Q3 Trends Update: Social Recruiting

(uploaded by Melissa Murray Balsan – October 2011)

(7) Using Social Media for Recruiting and HR

(uploaded by Kyle Lacy – October 2011)

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(8) Essential Elements of Social Recruiting

(uploaded by Tweetajob – presenter Carmen Hudson – October 2011)

(9) Career Sites, Recruiting Strategy & The Candidate Experience

(uploaded by Monster.com – presenter Matt Adam – September 2011)

(10) Save Your Cold Calls – Go Where Your Candidates Already Are

(uploaded by ERE.net – presenter Shally Steckerl – August 2011)

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(Want to see more presentations from the companies/individuals above? Just click on the “View more presentations from ___” link below the embedded presentation.)
Which presentation do you like best? What did you like most about it?

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