I’ll be speaking at the 2014 OSCPA Cincinnati Accounting Show on Tuesday, September 16th on the topic of “executive presence”.

In this program – Like a Boss: Why Executive Presence Matters & How You Can Master It – we’ll be covering the 5 Keys to developing an executive presence that allow you to share your expertise in a powerful way, thus enabling the ability to advance your career.

If you’ll be attending the Cincinnati Accounting Show, I’d love to see you there!

Date: January 1, 1970
Time: 1:30 - 2:30 pm ET
Event: The Ohio Society of CPAs - Cincinnati Accounting Show
Topic: Like a Boss: Why Executive Presence Matters & How You Can Master It
Sponsor: The Ohio Society of Certified Public Accountants
(614) 764-2727
Venue: Duke Energy Center
Location: 525 Elm Street
Cincinnati, OH 45202
Public: Public
Registration: Click here to register.

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I’m excited to have been invited back to LinkedIn’s annual Talent Connect conference in October 2014 to moderate a session with a talented panel of global talent acquisition leaders!

Organizing the chaos: Building a start-up recruiting function

Startups are an odd thing. They tend to be fast-paced, unstructured, and somewhat chaotic environments. Working for a startup means that you aren’t afraid of change. You understand that needs evolve and deadlines are often moving targets. Flexibility and improving processes as you see gaps will help set you up for success, as will being agile. Hear from 3 different talent acquisition industry leaders all at various stages of startup growth. They’ll review sourcing strategies, approach to passive recruiting, process, and operational growth. Whether you’re an early, mid, or more established startup, this session’s for you.

Date: October 20, 2014
Time: 1:00 - 2:00pm PT
Event: LinkedIn Talent Connect 2014
Topic: Organizing the Chaos: Building a Start-Up Recruiting Function
Sponsor: LinkedIn
Venue: Moscone Center West - San Francisco, CA
Location: 800 Howard Street
San Francisco, CA 94103
Public: Public
Registration: Click here to register.

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On Thursday, August 21, 2014 I’ll be leading a webinar sponsored by sumtotal and Chief Learning Officer on the topic of “Building Effective Business Leaders: Does Your Leadership Pipeline Stack Up?”.

Great leaders can turn underperforming companies into success stories and revive businesses from the edge of extinction; however, poor leaders can ruin even the best business plan. The most successful businesses return significant value to shareholders by developing a proven ability to effectively identify and develop successful leaders at all levels of the organization.

Join me to discuss the impact of effective leadership on short- and long-term business results, including:

  • The importance of a solid learning program as a key part of a talent development program.
  • How to make — and sell — a business case for an effective leadership development program.
  • Identifying, developing and rewarding effective leaders to achieve optimum business results.
Date: August 21, 2014
Time: 2:00pm - 3:00pm EDT
Event: Building Effective Business Leaders: Does Your Leadership Pipeline Stack Up?
Topic: Building Effective Business Leaders: Does Your Leadership Pipeline Stack Up?
Sponsor: sumtotal Systems
Public: Public
Registration: Click here to register.
More Info: Click here for more information.

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I’ll be speaking at the upcoming 2014 California Conference, being held in Anaheim, CA August 25 – 27, 2014.

This event is the largest gathering of HR professionals in the State of California and I’m looking forward to talking with attendees about The Future of HR, as well as learning from others!

Follow the event via the Twitter hashtag: #CAHR14

Date: August 26, 2014
Time: 09:45 - 11:00 a.m.
Event: 2014 California HR Conference
Topic: The Future of HR: 4 Keys For Creating Competitive Advantage Through Innovative People Strategies
Sponsor: Professionals in Human Resources Association
(310) 416-1210
Venue: Anaheim Convention Center
(714) 765-8950
Location: 800 W Katella Ave
Anaheim, CA 92802
Public: Public
Registration: Click here to register.
More Info: Click here for more information.

I’m looking forward to returning to my home state of Tennessee on Tuesday, August 12, 2014 to join SHRM Chattanooga for their monthly meeting to talk about The Future of HR!

I’m originally from Cleveland, Tennessee (about 30 miles down the road) and my family still lives there. My Mom is even going to join us for this meeting. Should be fun!

Date: August 12, 2014
Time: 11:30 a.m. - 01:00 p.m.
Event: Chattanooga SHRM
Topic: The Future of HR: Creating Competitive Advantage Through Innovative People Strategies
Sponsor: SHRM Chattanooga
Venue: The Chattanoogan
Location: 1201 Broad Street
Chattanooga, TN 37402

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Exploring Career Opportunities Without Jeopardizing Your Current Job #AskJennifer

Are you happily (or contently) employed, but at the same time wonder if there are better career opportunities out there?

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If that’s the case, you may wonder how you can position yourself for career growth – either inside or outside your current company – without making your employer nervous – or even worse – risking being blackballed or fired because they consider you a flight risk.

I’m diving into this topic on this week’s edition of Ask Jennifer – a new video series where I’ll be answering your questions – in five minutes or less.

Except this week’s episode is slightly longer. Oops.

Let’s chalk it up to inaugural excitement about the new format. :)

In Episode 1 of Ask Jennifer, I’ll answer the following question for “Valerie”, a woman who recently attended a workshop I led on “Defining and Communicating Your Personal Brand for Career Growth”.

Valerie has been with her current company for almost 20 years. She’s not unhappy. But she would like to explore career opportunities to understand how marketable her skills are – and if the grass really is greener somewhere else. But she also doesn’t want to send any red flags to her current employer that she may be looking. (Smart!)

Want to know what advice I have for Valerie?

Take a few moments to watch the quick video to learn more about the 3 steps I recommend to Valerie (and others) who want to get noticed for opportunities without causing any drama.

  1. Update/fully complete your LinkedIn Profile.
  2. Talk to/offer to help Recruiters that reach out to you.
  3. Attend and get involved with your local professional networking association.

Have a question related to growing your career, your leadership or your skills as a speaker or presenter?

Send it my way!

I’d love to hear from you, and maybe your question will be featured in an upcoming episode of Ask Jennifer!



My Fascination Advantage® Is The Veiled Strength – What’s Yours? [free assessment]

Do you know what makes you fascinating? What draws people to you and differentiates you from others in your profession or industry?

How To Fascinate Graphic

[Want to know how you "fascinate" the world? Read to the bottom of this post and get your code to take a free assessment!]

As a self-proclaimed “Assessment Junkie”, I love the idea of answering a few questions, and within just a few minutes, being presented with a multi-page report that gives me all of the answers I’ve ever wanted to know about myself.

Well, not exactly.

But I do enjoy taking assessments to find new and different ways to understand how I best communicate with the world and where I can add the most value.

That’s why I was intrigued when I first heard Sally Hogshead talk about her new book and the research behind How the World Sees You: Discover Your Highest Value Through the Science of Fascination on a recent podcast with Brian Kelly called What The Speak.

Since I’m currently doing some work to clarify my brand and product/service offerings, I bought Sally’s book and read it over the July 4th holiday weekend. I also took the related Fascination Advantage® Assessment, which is billed as the first personality assessment developed based upon the science of branding, rather than psychology. Unlike traditional tests (Meyers-Briggs or StrengthsFinder) this assessment doesn’t measure how you see the world, it measures how the world sees you.


So I took the assessment and was intrigued by the results. I like the detail in the 16-page report, the information shared about all 49 Archetypes, and the explanatory videos that were included as part of the assessment results.

By the way, my Archetype is called “The Veiled Strength” and below is a snapshot of my primary, secondary and dormant advantages, as well as 3 words that others might use to describe me.

Pretty interesting stuff.

At A Glance Fascination Advantage


Want to understand more about how others see you and how you can discover your highest value?


I’ve got a free code for the 5-minute assessment (normally $37) for the first 100 (update: now 500) people that use it. Just go to HowToFascinate.com/YOU and enter [BL-jmcclure] minus the brackets in the Book Code box.

After you’ve had a chance to review your report and take it all in, please take a moment to briefly share your Archetype and what you think about your results with me in the Comments section. I’d love to hear from at least one person for each Archetype!

If you’re interested in learning more about the Fascination Advantage® and how you can create your own Anthem using the information, share it with your clients and colleagues and even use it to improve the work of your team, be sure to get Sally Hogshead’s new book How the World Sees You: Discover Your Highest Value Through the Science of Fascination.

I really enjoyed it, and I think you will too!

I’m excited to be the closing Keynote Speaker for the upcoming Illinois HR Conference & Exposition just outside of Chicago, IL August 4 – 5, 2014!

The Illinois SHRM Conference was one of the first human resources conferences that invited me to be a speaker way back in 2011 and it’s a real honor to have the opportunity to speak on the main stage at the lovely Drury Lane Theatre & Conference Center.

If you’ll be attending #ILSHRM14, I’d love to see you there!

Date: August 5, 2014
Time: 08:30 - 10:30 a.m.
Event: 2014 Illinois HR Conference & Exposition [Keynote]
Topic: The Future of HR: Delivering Competitive Advantage Through Innovative People Strategies
Sponsor: Illinois State Council for the Society of Human Resource Management
Venue: Drury Lane Theatre and Conference Center
Location: 100 Drury Lane
Oakbrook Terrace, Illinois 60181
Registration: Click here to register.

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Create a Value-Based Positioning Statement To Generate Demand and Increase Your Fees

As a speaker, consultant or business owner, have you struggled with how to position yourself in the marketplace in order to create demand and eliminate the need to compete based upon price?

iStock_000008580358SmallTo solve these common problems, you have to begin by answering some fundamental questions.

Last week, the National Speakers Association (NSA) held its annual convention in San Diego, California, and although I was unable to attend in person, they did provide some of the sessions via live stream, which was a great opportunity to learn from some of the industry’s best speakers, authors and consultants.

One of my favorite sessions was from Hall of Fame Speaker and The Million Dollar Consultant® – Alan Weiss. I’ve long been a Fan of Mr. Weiss’ advice and approach. His Million Dollar Speaking: The Professional’s Guide to Building Your Platform book was one of the first that I read after starting my business in 2010. It’s full of great advice, examples and tips not only related to the business of speaking, but how to become an in-demand expert through effective positioning in the marketplace.

In his 75-minute talk at #NSA14 – “Million Dollar Positioning: How to Position Yourself as the Expert” – Mr. Weiss shared the basics of creating a Positioning Statement/Value Statement to convey expertise, value delivery and ultimately price in a crowded and noisy marketplace.

Figure out what you love – and what you’re best at. Take everything else away.

When you’re working at your best and highest value, you’re creating a great piece of art. And to create the great work of your life, you have to find what you love to do – and what you’re great at – and then carve away everything else.

It’s rumored that when asked how he carved out the amazingly beautiful and intricate David from a big square block of marble, Michelangelo replied, “I just took away everything that wasn’t David.”

Creating an effective and artful Positioning Statement is no different. Cull away things that aren’t really you or that you aren’t enthusiastic about so you can create your masterpiece.

Tell people how they’ll be better off after working with you.

Your Positioning Statement needs to answer these questions for your potential buyer:

How will you improve them?

What is the real value that you bring?

Ideally, you’re approach will be a bit edgy and provocative, and show that you think a bit differently. That way, your audience will want more – and because what you offer is unique, they’ll be willing to pay more to get it.

Position yourself as an Expert – not as a Speaker, Author, Consultant

There are hundreds and thousands of speakers, authors, consultants, etc. in the world, which means there is plenty of choice.

Buyers don’t want to hire just anyone, they want to hire experts. And if you’re not considered “The Expert”, you’re just a commodity – and you’ll always be treated as such in terms of price and opportunity.

Don’t just be a “delivery alternative” in your industry or profession. Be The Expert – which means you’ll need to create new and unique ideas, products and services that separate you from the rest.

Tip: Once you determine your area of expertise, you can then determine how to deliver it, but don’t mix in methodology in your Positioning Statement.

For example, don’t say: “Through coaching and consulting I create change that impacts strategic objectives.”

That kind of statement isn’t unique or compelling, and it doesn’t answer the most important question: “After I walk away from you, how will I be better off because I met you?”

Effective Position Statements: Examples

“I help small business owners accelerate their business and lead a fabulous life.”

“I help you to reduce stress so you can make rational and powerful decisions about your life.”


Always opinionated and full of great one-liners, Mr. Weiss (@BentleyGTCSpeed on Twitter) also reeled off some great quotes during his presentation – and all of which just happened to be less than 140 characters. (Check them out below, and if you like one or more, just click the link to tweet it out!)

“Wealth isn’t money. Wealth is discretionary time. You can always make another dollar, but you cannot make another minute.” @BentleyGTCSpeed

“The greatest damage to excellence is from the pursuit of perfection.” @BentleyGTCSpeed

“Self-esteem is an action that creates self-confidence. You have to work on it everyday. Tell yourself what you do well.” @BentleyGTCSpeed

“Confidence is the belief you can help other people. Arrogance is the belief that you have nothing to learn yourself.” @BentleyGTCSpeed

I really enjoyed the session and took plenty of notes to take action and implement in my own expertise branding journey. And I appreciate the National Speakers Association for making this session available. I’d love to attend the event in-person next year!

Question: What’s your Value Statement? Share it with me in the Comments section. I’d love to learn from you and help others find your expertise!

Mid-Year Checkup: 5 Actions to Take to Reinvigorate Your Online Brand

Time for Review - Clock

Mid-year is a great time to reflect on your progress towards your goals for 2014 – and it’s also a great time to review your online presence to ensure that your Profiles are up-to-date and on-point with your Personal Branding Strategy.

Your life and career are continuously evolving, and social and online platforms are continuously changing, so it’s important to set aside some specific time each year to do a thorough review of your online presence to ensure that it’s accurate, current and presented in the best way possible.

I typically set aside some time during the end of year holiday season to do a complete rewrite or update of my Bio and add any changes to my online profiles, but I also schedule time mid-year to check in as well.

Below are 5 Actions I plan to take to ensure that my online brand is up-to-date, consistent and informative in terms of what I do, the value I provide and what problems I can help clients solve.

Take advantage of the latest layout updates for social Profiles:

LinkedIn recently announced an enhanced layout for members with Premium Profiles, which includes a more prominent Profile Photo, Cover Photo and Title/Headline, but so far, I’ve seen very few Profiles that have taken advantage of this. I like the new look and I’m testing some updates to see if it makes a difference in engagement.

Twitter also announced an updated Profile look a few months ago, which was significant enough to make many custom backgrounds and Cover Photos no longer work. Due to current photo size dimensions, you may find that your head has now been cut off, your design or logo distorted, etc. Fix that.

Facebook seems to always be changing their layout. So check it often. I’ve found that with the latest update for Pages, the top part of the Page fades into the old Cover Photo and blurs some of the content. Not a deal-breaker, but should be fixed.

All of these updates offer new ways to get great exposure for your personal brand with photos and prime real estate (above the fold) for bios, web links and employment information, so be sure to take advantage of them.

Check out these great examples of updated Profiles:

Will Staney (LinkedIn)

John R. Meese (Twitter)

Amy Porterfield (Facebook Page)

Upload (or update) a Profile Photo (across all platforms) that represents me well as a business professional:

Profile Photos create a lasting first impression; so take advantage of this brief moment in time by including a simple headshot photo of you dressed as you would be in your workplace. Ideally, the more friendly and approachable you look, the better.

And no group photos, cut out exes, dogs, cats, corporate or team logos, etc. This is your moment to shine. Make it all about you baby.

Check out these great examples of Profile photos:

Matthew Dooley (LinkedIn)

Teela Jackson (Twitter)

Kyle Lacy (Facebook Page)

Upload (or update) a Cover Photo, where applicable, that visually promotes my Personal/Company Brand:

Although there are some restrictions, Cover Photos are a great way to enhance your brand and associate it with your company or your unique strengths.

Have some fun with them and make your Profile pop!

Check out these great examples of Cover photos:

Mike O’Neil (LinkedIn)

Jorgen Sundberg (Twitter)

Marie Forleo (Facebook)

Update or make changes to Titles or Headlines to reflect current responsibilities:

Titles and Headlines are like Profile Photos – super important for a first impression. And sometimes the way your Title or Headline appears in search results (along with hundreds of others) can be the difference in being found – or not.

Be original. Be brief. Be memorable.

Check out these great examples of well-written Titles/Headlines:

Jennifer Peterson (LinkedIn)

Shally Steckerl (LinkedIn)

Joe Gerstandt (Twitter)

Rewrite any Summary, Bio or About sections to include specifically who I am, what I do and the value I can provide:

Challenge yourself to summarize your past experience in a meaningful and brief way. The focus should be more on what you’re currently doing and what you can do in the future than on the past.

Be sure to include plenty of appropriate keywords that people online (or in your company) would use to search for and find someone like you.

Check out these great examples of a Summary, Bio and About section:

Meg Guiseppi (LinkedIn)

Miriam Salpeter (Twitter)

Michael Hyatt (Website/Blog)

Over the next week, I’ll be working on reviewing and updating (at a minimum) my About Page on my website, my LinkedIn Profile, my Twitter Profile and my Facebook Page Profile, since these are the sites that typically show up highest in search rankings when searching for “Jennifer McClure”.

If you have any action steps, tips or tricks that you recommend for an annual or semi-annual review to ensure your online presence is consistent and compelling, please share them in the Comments.

I’d love to learn from you!